Xtreme MarineTM

Reliable Performance In Xtreme Environments

Designed with precision coaxial components for SD/HD video and ideal for depths up to 7KM, our robust Xtreme-Marine® cable is designed with our full water-blocked technology, an improved strength member and the Subsea industry-preferred choice of Winchester’s “Xtreme-Grade” Polyurethane jackets.

Xtreme-Marine® EO

Subsea Electro Fiber-Optic Cables for longterm exposure and submergence in marine environments of sea or fresh water, polar to tropical, fully water-blocked with pressure resistant designs to 6km depths.

Xtreme-Marine HD Coax Cable

Standard or Custom coaxial designs are capable of HD video, when properly terminated, with varied length capabilities.

Key Features

  • Full water-blocked technology with improved strength member
  • RG 6F Premium coax design for SD & HD achievable video transmission, with length limitations per Winchester’s “Xtreme Marine® HD” coax chart, when properly terminated with premium BNC/TNC style terminations
  • Flexible designs which are ideal for high flexing applications
  • Available in fiber optic cables (Xtreme-Marine® EO)

Technical Specifications

  • Pressure resistant for depths up to 7KM
  • Break (lbs.): 1,400 lbs – 2,700 lbs
  • Jacket Wall (inches): 0.045in – 0.065in
  • Outer Diameter (inches):  0.305in. – 0.630in. 
  • Estimated Weight (lbs/1kft): 63lbs – 224lbs