Xtreme LightTM Fiber

Reliable Performance In Xtreme Environments

Our Xtreme-Light® fiber cables are durable and robust for better survivability in the harshest environments. With Simplex and Multi-Fiber designs available, our compression resistant designs are hydrostatic tested to 15,000 PSI at depths to 10 KM.

Simplex Designs

Flexible fiber tether with high modulus coated fiber, synthetic strength member and “Xtreme” grade polyurethane jackets.

Multi-Fiber Designs

Compact designs with semi-rigid center strength core, waterblocked interstice and “Xtreme” grade polyurethane jacket.

Key Features

  • Available in simplex or multi-fiber designs 
  • Compression resistant constructions, hydrostatic tested to 15k psi, subsea depths to 10km. 
  • Available as sub-cables in composite electro-optical cables on
    other Winchester ROV tethers and “Xtreme-Marine® EO”
  • Other options include increased strength, neutral buoyant, bend sensitive fibers, and optional colors. 

Technical Specifications


  • Diameters: 9.3/125/245/900um
  • IEC/ISO 11801: OS2
  • TIA/EIA:  492AAA
  • Temp Range: -60c to 150c
  • Break Strength: 300 lbs
  • Diameter: 0.092in. – 0.118in.


  • Diameters:  62.5/125/245/900um
  • IEC/ISO 11801: OS1
  • TIA/EIA: 494AAAA
  • Temp Range: -60c to 150c
  • Break Strength: 300 lbs
  • Diameter: 0.180 in. / 4.6mm