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Xtreme GreenTM

Reliable Performance In Harsh Environments

Our Xtreme-Green® video inspection cables are designed for optimal performance. Our designs feature a uniquely-formulated polyurethane or Hytrel for good flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance and better tractor control with extremely low-coefficient of friction.

Video Cable Flexibility

Xtreme-Green cables allow for tighter bend radius and smaller portable handling systems use.

Customized for Your Application

We offer a set of standard part numbers, as well as custom cable configurations to fit your applications needs. 

Key Features

  • Specially formulated, flexible, low friction polyurethane with extremely high-tear strength and abrasion resistance and has excellent bonding characteristics for over-molded terminations
  • Stranded conductor for extended bend fatigue life
  • 300m max depth rating
  • Overall synthetic strength layer for added durability and protection to tension work loads

Technical Specifications

  • 5C – 22AWG
  • Video Coax: 22 AWG – 28 AWG Std
  • Diameter (inches): 0.295in – 0.440in
  • Break Strength: 800 lbs. – 2,400 lbs.
  • Weight (lbs/1000 ft.) 49 lbs.- 130 lbs. 

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