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Undersea Instrumentation Cable

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Reliable Performance In Xtreme Environments

Winchester specializes in interconnect solutions for can’t fail applications including premium grade underwater cables that are designed for various oceanographic instrument equipment applications.

Long Term Undersea Deployment

We offer standard designs with an 800 lb. break strength, rated for depths up to 2KM and our premium grade polyurethane jacket for long term use

Customized for Your Application

Our experts can also design a custom cable to meet your specific application needs.

Cross section of cable made by Winchester Interconnect
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Key Features

  • Flexible premium grade black polyurethane jacket for long term undersea deployment
  • Data Pairs are designed for RS232, RS422, RS485 signal rates
  • Cable core: composite constructions with isolated shielded data pairs cabled with single power/control wires
  • Proprietary Waterblock technology for high performance

Technical Specifications

  • # of Pairs: 2TSP – 4TSP
  • Nominal Cap: 21 pf/ft – 37 pf/ft
  • Nominal Impedance: 41 Ohms – 73 Ohms
  • Overall Shield: Aluminum + drain
  • Min Bend Radius (inches) 3in. – 6in. 
  • Outer Diameter:  0.382″ – 0.550″
  • Temperature: -25C – 90C
  • Power: 600V
  • Data Pairs: 300V depth rating to 2 km
Cross section of ROV cable made by Winchester Interconnect
Cross section of X-Marine cable made by Winchester Interconnect
Multiconductor Cable cross section