ROV Tether and Umbilical Cable

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Reliable Performance In Xtreme Environments

Winchester’s team of cable designers work closely with our customers and their application requirements to provide the most reliable cable solutions for today’s high performance ROVs used in oil and gas exploration, defense, and a host of marine applications.

High Quality and Reliability

Our cable designs are created for optimizing the mechanical, electrical and optical performance in demanding subsea projects. Our ROV cables are trusted and preferred worldwide for high quality and reliability.

Testing New Designs and Congifurations

Winchester performs cable integrity test validation for each tether and umbilical. New design and test programs can be offered with extensive evaluation of cable strength layers such as ultimate break strength, bend cycling fatigue, low tension cycle fatigue, torque and rotation, hydrostatic, as well as all optical, electrical HiPot and third party certifications are available upon request.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, Long-length, Free-swimming Tethers for Excursion
  • Rugged Deck Cables
  • ROV Mounted Cables for Video, Instrumentation, Control
    and Power
  • Heavy Lift Steel Umbilicals up to 180,000 lbs BS
  • Lightweight and Heavy Tethers for Tether Management
    Systems (TMS) to 80,000 lbs BS
  • Neutrally Buoyant Excursion Tethers for TMS and LARS

Technical Specifications

  • Break Strength: 200 – 35,000
  • Weight lb/mft Seawater: -32 – 326
  • Outer Diameter: 10.67mm – 49.53mm 
  • Jacket Material: chosen for optimal bonding, moisture and mechanical resistance. Each ROV cable is uniquely designed for specific ROV types using PE, TPE, PUR, and foam variations for flotation.