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Undersea Cable

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Winchester is an innovative designer and manufacturer of high-performance cables for use in harsh and demanding undersea environments. With products ranging from underwater tow cables (ROV Tethers and Umbilicals), underwater Ethernet cables to pipe inspection cables and military harnesses, Winchester Interconnect is capable of addressing any market needs. 

Winchester Interconnect manufactures cable products for topside marine facilities, shipboard, pier/dock, dam and waterways with marine and weather resistant requirements, as well as industry conformance to IEC, DNV, NEC, UL, CSA, NRC, IEEE.

Winchester provides the most reliable cable solutions for today’s high performance ROVs used in oil and gas exploration and production, defense, oceanographic and a host of marine applications. 

Winchester offers standard and custom high-quality, robust undersea instrumentation cable solutions for oceanographic instrument equipment applications.

Winchester has created a unique line of high performance specialty cables designed for many applications in extreme environments including deep and shallow water ethernet (up to 10K PSI), video/video inspection, and our Xtreme-Light fiber cables.

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