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Reliable Performance In Harsh Environments

Winchester’s TRUflex PWR Series delivers uninterrupted power and performance, even in the most critical and demanding environments.  

Customize for Your Application

With a broad selection of straight and right angle connector configurations and interface options, and an extensive range of cable choices, our cables are specifically designed for optimum power capability and reliability.

Wide Product Range

Winchester’s extensive product offerings make it simple to specify the optimal high power cable and/or assembly for your application.

High Power Coax Feature

Key Features

  • kW power handling capabilities
  • Broad range of connector and cable combinations
  • Quick Connect/Disconnect interface technology
  • Test and adapter solutions available
  • Experience in high power design and safety innovations

Technical Specifications

  • Cable Diameter: 14.4mm – 9.9mm
  • Center Conductor: 7 Strand or Solid
  • Dielectric Material: Tape-E,PTFE,PE
  • Shields: 2-3
  • Operating Temperature: -65 °C – +200°C
  • Voltage: 8kV – 12kV
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Frequency: 3GHz – 10GHz