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Extensive Product Offerings

We offer an extensive line of flexible RF cable assembly and connector solutions for applications that require reliable, high quality, low loss, and rugged performance.

Customize for Your Application

In addition to our broad range of standard configurations, we also provide application-specific design solutions for applications that require RF high power/voltage capability as well as reliable, high quality performance.

Brands You Know and Trust

Winchester is now home to Tru Corporation and Dynawave, combining two industry leading flexible coax cable providers. We can produce lines like TRUFlex and Dynaflex.

Flexible Coax Cable Feature

Key Features

  • Broad range of connector and cable combinations
  • kW power handling capabilities
  • Quick Connect/Disconnect interface technology

Technical Specifications

  • Cable Outer Diameter (inches – nominal)
  • Cable Dielectric Material Options:
  • Cable Jacket Material: FEP, PVC, Polyurethane
  • Cable Operating Temperature: -55°C – 200°C
  • Cable Min Bend Radius: Static (inches): 0.18in – 1.5in
  • Impedance (ohms – nominal): 50Ohm
  • Max Operating Frequency (GHz): 12GHz – 40GHz