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Our superior design and constructions help Winchester stand out as an industry leader helping to create solutions for customers across the semiconductor, military, commercial aerospace, and test & measurement markets. 

Manufactured in North America at one of our ISO-certified facilities, we leverage our extensive engineering expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to design high-quality products across the broadest spectrum of power and frequency. 

We pride ourselves on being the first and last place you will have to look for your cable needs.

Winchester’s semi-rigid coax is built and tested to meet the MIL-DTL-17 (MIL-C-17) performance requirements. We can build and supply bulk cable as well as custom configured bent semi-rigid assemblies at our fully equipped facilities in Santa Rosa, CA and Nogales, MX.

We offer an extensive line of flexible RF cable assembly and connector solutions for applications that require reliable, high quality, low loss, and rugged performance. Our long heritage in cable design has made us a premier supplier in applications that require extreme durability and exceptional reliability in tight spaces.

Winchester Interconnect offers an extensive range of cables with RF high power/voltage capability and reliable, high quality performance. Our long heritage in high power design has made us a premier supplier in high power markets, including mission critical applications in the industrial equipment and military aerospace segments.

Winchester’s cable portfolio includes our 83% Velocity of Propagation expanded PTFE dielectric design constructions, making these cable assemblies lower in attenuation, and very phase-stable over temperature. Cable assemblies operating up to 110 GHz are available with ruggedized versions for applications requiring additional durability our 83% cables. We stock material for quick delivery.

Winchester’s PhaseTite Cable provides breakthrough phase stability versus temperature performance. The use of our proprietary dielectric material called DynaCore® PS essentially removes the “PTFE Knee” issue for the most stable connection. 

TruTest and DynaTest are designed to deliver repeatable, precision measurements. These assemblies offer exceptionally low VSWR and insertion loss characteristics across a broad frequency range.

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