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Heavy Gauge Assemblies

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High Power Assemblies

Heavy gauge power cables are a single conductor utilizing insulated wire of 8 gauge or larger. Winchester manufactures power cables ranging from 8 gauge at 40 Amps up to 750 KC mil at 400 Amps, with an unlimited variety of interconnects.

We offer overmolding, high-flexibility Litz processing and termination, and volume cable and connector buying power.

Power Cord Expertise

Heavy gauge power cords are typically 16 awg, or larger with multiple conductors. These power cords are generally used for external applications. Winchester has experience manufacturing multi-conductor power cords as large as 4 conductor, 1/0 carrying up to 120 Amps.

Standard and Custom Configurations

In addition to our standard offering, our experienced engineering team is accustomed to collaborating with customers on custom solutions with unique requirements.

CN series cable and cable connectors by Winchester Interconnect
Winchester Interconnect cable assemblies wire harness

Key Features

  • Process and crimp single conductor to 750 mcm
  • Multi-conductor to 35 Kv/250 mcm
  • Volume cable and connector buying power
  • High-flexibility Litz processing and termination
  • Overmold capability
  • Survivability in harsh environments