C Series




0798-7-9C Cap11 GHzPDF
3149-1-4C Series Plug11 GHzPDF
796-17-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
UG-628 A/UC Plug11 GHzPDF
795-13-9C Plug11 GHzContact Factory
UG-943 B/UC Plug11 GHzPDF
UG-567 A/UC (M) - (F) Adapter11 GHzPDF
795-33-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
795-23-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
UG-709 A/UC Plug11 GHzPDF
0794-4-9C Bulkhead Receptacle11 GHzContact Factory
TRU-15044C(f-m), Adapter, Right Angle11 GHzPDF
0795-9-5C PlugM39012/06-001511 GHzContact Factory
TRU-1124-SSUGC(f) to HN(m) Adapter, STRAIGHT11 GHzPDF
UG-709 B/UC Plug11 GHzContact Factory
0791-10-9C Panel Jack11 GHzContact Factory
795-16-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
796-18-9C Plug11 GHzContact Factory
795-21-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
796-19-9C Plug, Swivel11 GHzContact Factory
0791-6-9C Panel Jack11 GHzPDF
799-3C (F) - (F) AdapterM55339/08-0064311 GHzContact Factory
0791-9-9C Panel Jack11 GHzPDF
TRU-5935C(m) PLUG, R/A, RG-55,58/U11 GHzPDF
799-1C (M) - BNC (F) AdapterM55339/22-0063611 GHzContact Factory
795-30-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
UG-572 /UC Jack11 GHzContact Factory
795-20-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
799-7C (F) - (F) Bulkhead Adapter, Hermetic SealM55339/12-0113811 GHzContact Factory
0791-5-9C Panel Jack11 GHzPDF
TRU-1110-SSUGC(m) to N(f) Adapter,Straight11 GHzPDF
0791-8-9C Panel Jack11 GHzContact Factory
0796-11-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
0794-3-9C Receptacle11 GHzPDF
UG-706 /UC Bulkhead Receptacle11 GHzPDF
796-15-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
UG-573 B/UC Plug11 GHzPDF
0795-10-5C PlugM39012/06-001411 GHzContact Factory
799-5C (M) - (F) AdapterM55339/10-0056711 GHzContact Factory
795-29-9C Plug11 GHzPDF
795-15-9C Plug11 GHzContact Factory
0791-11-9C Panel Jack11 GHzContact Factory