Wire and Cable

Improving performance, reducing time-to-market

If you have a difficult wire or cable problem, we can solve it quickly. We offer a wide range of proven off-the-shelf cable solutions for industrial, military, medical and renewable energy applications. And for the last 45 years, OEMs and cable assemblers with aggressive time-to-market requirements have called on C&M to design and manufacture custom wire and cable.

Cable Manufacturing and Materials Expertise

C&M operates an ISO-certified manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art equipment such as nitrogen-injected extruders and planetary cablers.

C&M works with a full ranging of shielding, insulation and jacketing material systems. All C&M cables are RoHS compliant, and we offer a variety of low smoke and zero halogen options. Our portfolio of materials includes common and advanced thermoplastics, including:

  • PVC and PVC alloys
  • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
  • Polyethylene,
  • Polypropylene
  • Fluorinated elastomers (FEP)
  • Proprietary elastomeric alloy (Duralon)

    At C&M, we know that quality is important to you. We offer comprehensive electrical, mechanical and flex life testing services. We also provide a burn chamber and C-Track unit on site.

  • Cable Assemblies

    Single source for high-quality connectorized assemblies

    Get rid of your cable complexity today. C&M supplies complete cable assemblies that will turn a jumble of cables, connectors and strain relief components into a single bill-of-materials item. And not only will cable assemblies simplify your shop floor logistics, but they will also improve performance and extend lifecycle in military, medical and industrial applications with demanding operating conditions.

    Excellence from design to delivery

    With extensive in-house design and production capabilities, C&M serves as a single-source supplier for your finished cable assemblies. We specialize in:

  • Innovative designs, including the ability to integrate functional components and features that go well beyond connectors and strain reliefs.
  • Quick turn production, of both custom and off-the-shelf mechanical and overmolded cable assemblies.
  • Diverse product mixes at high production volumes, with many of our orders consisting of dozens or even hundreds of distinct SKUs.

    Rapid Overmolded Cable Assemblies

    C&M operates the industry’s most extensive cable overmolding facility. Thanks to a collection of pre-existing tooling, we’re able to offer off-the-shelf (COTS) overmolded cable assemblies for a huge range of round military connectors. Our captive tooling making operation also allows us to turn around custom overmolded cable and coil cord assemblies in record time.

  • Coil Cords

    Retractile cords that go the distance

    C&M designs and manufactures coil cords and coil cord assemblies to the most stringent reliability and performance specifications. For more than 45 years, C&M coil cords have provided dependable service in diverse military, medical, industrial, portable power and lighting applications.

    Numerous design possibilities

    Between our standard and custom products, C&M offers coil cord options for every application. Among the options:

  • Ruggedized materials, such as flex-resistant PVC and polyurethane formulations.
  • Effective shielding, including foil, spiral and reverse spiral constructions.
  • Performance specifications, including retractability, pull force, flex life, chemical resistance and operating temperature.
  • Wide size range, from wrist-worn coil cords for static control to thick retractable cords for industrial or military machines.
  • Connectorized coil cord assemblies, both mechanical and overmolded designs.

    Advanced Coil Cord Design and Testing Capabilities

    Get coil cord design help from C&M. Contact our experienced engineering team with your most difficult design challenges.

    C&M maintains an in-house test lab that can evaluate coil cord performance characteristics—including flex life, retractability and pull strength. And if you need a custom test for your coil cord, we can help develop one.