About Ulti-Mate Connector

Since 1977, Ulti-Mate Connector has been producing world-class Micro miniature connectors, nano connectors, and interconnect solutions. Ulti-Mate specializes in serving the unique high density interconnect needs of military, space, aviation, medical, and geophysical exploration marketplaces.

All Ulti-Mate solutions will continue to be available through Winchester Interconnect. We value the strength of Ulti-Mate products; moving forward, Ulti-Mate will be an important part of the Winchester Brand.


Ulti-Mate Connector Precision Engineered Micro-D Connectors with are Environmentally Sealed with an Operating Temperature of -50 Degrees C to 200 Degrees C and contain 9 to 100 Contacts.

We manufacture our high density Nano connectors with metal and light weight plastic shells.Ulti-Mate plastic shell Nano connectors are manufactured using durable, cost effective molded liquid crystal polymer.

Both Nano and Micro configurations are available in Wired or PCB Circular form factors. Metal and Plastic housings are offered from 5 to 19 contacts including some versions rated up to 200 Degrees C.