SRI Connector Gage products are now under the Win™ brand from Winchester Interconnect™.
Win is a new product brand from Winchester Interconnect, encompassing trusted brands like SRI Connector Gage and others. By consolidating powerful interconnect offerings under Win, Winchester offers a stronger and more unified experience for our customers.

Over the next six to 12 months, we will transition the name SRI Connector Gage to the new brand, Win. Be assured that the solutions you rely on today will continue to be available under the Win brand.

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About SRI Connector Gage

With a wide range of standard products and custom capabilities, SRI Connector Gage
is ready to provide high-performance, cost-effective coaxial interconnect solutions.

We are the leader in the 1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, and 2.9 mm form factors including
connectors for low loss cable and in-series or between-series adapters.

We offer precision connectors in many other form factors including 3.5 mm, N,
SMA, TNC, and ZMA. We also manufacture an extensive list of interface gages.

There is no NRE charge for orders of 100 or more pieces.

We will execute virtually any coax design related to our product line and deliver
it quickly, usually in less than eight weeks.