SRC Haverhill products are now under the Win™ brand from Winchester Interconnect™.
Win is a new product brand from Winchester Interconnect, encompassing trusted brands like SRC Haverhill and others. By consolidating powerful interconnect offerings under Win, Winchester offers a stronger and more unified experience for our customers.

Over the next six to 12 months, we will transition the name SRC Haverhill to the new brand, Win. Be assured that the solutions you rely on today will continue to be available under the Win brand.

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About SRC Haverhill

SRC Haverhill, a Winchester Interconnect brand, has an outstanding reputation in coaxial cable, semi-rigid coaxial cable, and custom microwave absorber materials, with a particular specialty in quick-turn cable assemblies. SRC Haverhill products have applications in many industries, including test equipment, defense and aerospace, wireless communications, and microwave products.

SRC Haverhill specializes in manufacturing quick-turn precision RF and microwave semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cable, cable assemblies, and microwave absorber material (PolyIron™). Over the years it has developed its own proprietary cable assembly quality procedures and CNC controlled precision cutting and cable bending tools to meet its customers’ particular specifications.

SRC Haverhill makes its own semi-rigid cable which is qualified by the DLA, built to MIL-C-17 specifications, and is on the Qualified Products List. The product line includes a range of semi-rigid coax cable products from .020” to .250” OD, and is tested in accordance with the Department of Defense specification MIL-C-17 including all applicable slash sheets pertaining to Semi Rigid Coaxial Cables such as M17/129, M17/130, M17/133, and M17/151. The cable is utilized in microwave and RF systems in commercial, military, and satellite equipment.

In addition, SRC Haverhill carries all standard flexible coax and has its own line of very low loss (83% VP) flexible cables from 1-50 GHz. Customer and quality testing needs are met by full two-port testing to 50 GHz.

SRC Haverhill’s products also include microwave absorber material, PolyIron™, and can punch or mold to your print.  

SRC Haverhill products are used in the nation’s most mission-critical labs, and is specified in most of the leading test instruments and defense and aerospace products.