Bomar products are now under the Win™ brand from Winchester Interconnect™.
Win is a new product brand from Winchester Interconnect, encompassing trusted brands like Bomar and others. By consolidating powerful interconnect offerings under Win, Winchester offer a stronger and more unified experience for our customers.

Over the next six to 12 months, we will transition the name Bomar to the new brand, Win. Be assured that the solutions you rely on today will continue to be available under the Win brand.

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BOMAR Product Series

The Bomar brand includes high-quality, commercial-grade RF connectors and adapters. Standard and application-specific connectors and adapters are available in a variety of connector interface configurations. These include Type N, TNC, BNC, Twin BNC, Type F, SMA, MCX, and MMCX. Bomar RF connectors are available in 50 and 75 Ohm.


Bomar also offers a number of unique PCB connector products. These are available in vertical, right angle, and edge-mount configurations. Cable connectors are available in straight and right-angle designs for both flexible and semi-rigid cables.

Bomar’s V-Bite® RF connector is a specialized PCB edge-mount connector. The V-Bite offers a low profile and utilizes very little PCB real estate, lending itself to surface-mount and through-hole soldering techniques. Since the V-Bite locks into place both above and below the PCB, it disperses rotational torque relief to the board and not the solder points. The design also offers low VSWR ratings because of its straight throughput contact design. There are versions of the V-Bite for IR and convection reflow soldering, and it is available in 50 and 75 Ohm, threaded and non-threaded. Additional options include adjusting for PCB thickness and a variety of interfaces including F, BNC Twin, TNC, and N.

Bomar’s E-Snap®, another unique PCB connector, is manufactured from precision-machined brass. The E-Snap is a robust board connection that snaps into two holes on the PCB and locks into place for reflow soldering, with no additional fixturing.

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