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Consistent Reliability in a Changing Industry

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In Aerospace and Defense, interconnect systems need to perform perfectly in the most challenging environments. Winchester’s solutions for Aerospace and Defense are precision-engineered to deliver uncompromising performance under extreme conditions including shock, vibration, pressure, moisture and more.

Every day, Winchester energizes innovation in Aerospace and Defense while supporting legacy systems with proven track records. Winchester Interconnect products deliver on the toughest industry performance requirements with zero compromise in effectiveness or reliability.

Communication towers in black and white image

Aircraft Radar

Winchester Interconnect products support cutting-edge radar systems, ensuring technical superiority for the world’s armed forces.

View of New York City as seen from a helicopter


We’re a key supplier to manufacturers of the most advanced avionics in both commercial and military aircraft.

Commercial and Airca sensors by Winchester Interconnect

Commercial Aircraft Sensors

Winchester’s industry-leading technologies enable a wide array of aircraft sensors for A&D manufacturers across the globe.

Missiles and weapons systems by Winchester Interconnect

Missiles and Weapon Systems

We deliver products that enhance absolute system integrity when failure is not an option.

Various electronic panels used for military purposes

Electronic Warfare

Advanced, proven solutions help provide technical superiority across the electronic warfare domain.

View of scenic river in black and white photo

Military Vehicles

Winchester’s rugged offerings ensure reliable on and off-road performance in the harshest environments.

View of GPS, including Inertial Navigation and Measurement by Winchester Interconnect

Inertial Navigation and Measurement

Our innovative engineering supports cutting-edge manned and unmanned systems.

Infrared imaging by Winchester Interconnect

Infrared Imaging

Winchester produces a wide range of products that enable leading infrared imaging systems.

Radio and communication towers receiving signals

Communication Systems

Our wide range of standard and custom cables and connectors energize communication systems worldwide.

Vector images of undersea cable connectors by Winchester Interconnect


Winchester’s technologies play a crucial role in the battle for subsea dominance.

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