Our Mission

To become the best interconnect company in the world!

What that means to us is that we are the employer and supplier of choice worldwide. How we work and how we lead are the building blocks to achieve this mission.

How We Work

At Winchester, we love to dream big to solve customer problems, get stuff done quickly and have fun doing it! As we expand our organization we will continue to grow our culture around these principles.

How We Lead

Empowerment, Collaboration, and Accountability are the fundamentals of the Winchester Interconnect Leadership Strategy. These values are part of our everyday at Winchester Interconnect, and this is how we are able to do all that we do for our employees and customers.

We believe in empowering our workforce to think outside the box and make decisions that move our business forward. We hold ourselves and others accountable for following through on what we say we are going to do. We collaborate between departments, teams, business units and customers to share best practices and become the best interconnect company in the world.