Corporate Development

Winchester Interconnect is a highly acquisitive organization. Since 2012, the company has acquired 17 manufacturing companies and continues to strategically expand by acquiring companies that fit with its unique culture of empowerment, accountability, and collaboration.

With the footprint, sophistication, and technical capabilities of a large company, and the agility of a start-up, Winchester is a strong partner for manufacturing businesses. We generally review opportunities with revenue up to $100 million and as low a $5 million with varying profitability. If a business is not profitable we look for a strong path to profitability in the short term. Ideally, a potential acquisition will have overlap with Winchester’s existing markets.

If you are open to the idea of selling your business, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss potential options with you. We are able to quickly determine our interest level and potential value. Please contact Stephen Eccles, Vice President of Business Development. 

Acquisitions History

Acquisition Date
Cable assemblies for military, aerospace, medical and data infrastructure
April 2007
RF coaxial connectors for military, aerospace, medical and data infrastructure
May 2007
High diameter power cable assemblies
July 2012
Connectors and cables for the rail, mass transit and marine, oil & gas industries
August 2012
Continental Connector
Multi-pin connectors for the military / aerospace market
May 2013
RF connectors video, broadcast and wireless markets
August 2013
SRC Cables Logo
Flexible and semi rigid coax cable assemblies
October 2013
Haverhill Logo
Semi-rigid cables and cable assemblies
November 2013
RF and Microwave interconnect solutions
April 2014
Source Tech Logo
Ruggedized cable assemblies, pressure transducers and interconnects
September 2014
SRI Hermetics Logo
Hermetic connectors and microwave packages
November 2014
SRI Connector Gage Logo
RF and Microwave interconnect solutions
April 2016
Tekna Seal Logo - Original
Glass to metal hermetic connectors
September 2016
C&M Corporation
Custom wire and cable, cable assemblies, and retractable coil cords
December 2017
Custom high-mix, low-volume cable assemblies
June 2018
Ruggedized circular connectors
August 2018
5 product lines of electrical and fiber optic components and assemblies
March 2019
Custom cable and cable assemblies for harsh environments
May 2019
RF connectors and cable assemblies
August 2020
Microminiature connectors
May 2021
Complex wire harnesses and cable assemblies
December 2021