5G Solutions

High Speeds Low Latency

The 5th Generation of wireless technology is here, and Winchester is here to help energize 5G innovation. 

Winchester Interconnect designs and builds the interconnect products that support critical innovation in the telecommunications industry. As a market leader in this field, Winchester helps provide more connectivity, at faster speeds, than was ever available before. 

Drawing on a team of experts, and a global network of world-class manufacturing facilities, Winchester offers a wide range of standard and application-specific products. Whether it’s front haul bulk cable for cell towers, test equipment, or multiport RF connectors for antennas, our expertise is unmatched.

For challenging applications, Winchester’s experts are ready to create specific design solutions. Our application engineering team is available to answer technical questions and collaborate with customers.

5G Products

With a broad selection of straight and right angle connector configurations and interface options, and an extensive range of cable choices, Winchester makes it simple to specify the optimal assembly for any application.

Cable Solutions for 5G Products

Winchester Interconnect offers a variety of bulk and custom cable solution to help with network infrastructure upgrades. Some of our cable offerings include:

  • Bulk cable for macro cell sites designed to withstand harsh environments and maximize power capability and reliability.
  • Low Loss Coax and hybrid fiber cables for base stations and antenna systems that provide the fastest speed without compromising performance
  • Semi-rigid cable for antenna applications

RF Connector Interfaces

Winchester specializes in custom ruggedized and multiport connectors for the most reliable solution that occupies the least amount of space. We also offer a large selection of standard RF connector interfaces in male, female, right angle, bulkhead, flange mount, quick-connect, cable connectors, microminiature, and PCB connectors. Some of our most popular interfaces for 5G applications include:


  • 1mm
  • 1.85mm
  • 2.92mm
  • 3.5mm
  • SMA
  • SMP
  • TNC
  • N
  • Mini DIN
  • MCX Co
  • MMCX
  • QMA
  • 7-16
  • Centurion